Of Snow and Piano-Playing

Saturday, the 5th of February, 2005 - 12 to 1pm

Current Song ~ "Scares Me Silly'" by Kate Bush.

Behold, a miracle!
I was wondering how I was going to start this entry, given that the snow that's been falling on every other occasion that I've tried to start an entry of late appears to have cleared up.
And lo! Snow just blew past my window! All of about two dozen flakes' worth, but still - any excuse to say:

Snow! We have (or at least, had) snow! Real, actual snow!
(And yesterday, also rain, hail, sunshine, and nondescript British gloom! This sidenote was brought to you by the Campaign For Equal Weather Recognision.)

In somewhat more momentous news (that is less likely to provoke the mockery of those in more snow-prone regions), on the 13th of February I resolved to play the piano for an hour every day.
Against all the odds, I've actually managed to stick with it thus far, and at the time of writing have plinked my way through to page sixty-three of the seventy-nine page John Thompson's Adult Preparatory Piano Book.
I don't necessarily play the preceeding sixty-two pages particularly skillfully, but by gum, it's significantly more progress than I've ever made before with the piano! Which is just as well, given that I ordered the second grade book on the 15th in a fit of extreme optimism...

Moreover, now that I've got past the 'stunningly boring exercises involving only three notes' phase and managed to acquire a method with which I get along, I've actually come to enjoy starting the day with an hour of piano-playing; which, given my uneasy relationship with the instrument in the past, is a significant step forward in itself.

Hmm. It would appear that midnight is upon us, and as I have church tomorrow it would seem that bed would be a good idea.
I shall endeavour to return in the not too distant future - until then, au revoir!


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