Tutorials Great and Small(er)

Tuesday, the 8th of February, 2005 - 8 of 7pm

Current Song ~ "Salve Regina" by Lennox Berkeley.

It is with great (if Bailey's-blurred) anguish that I return to you on this, the first day of the Great Wine Draught of 2005.
My family has acquired a third iPod, and unbeknowst to me until this afternoon, it was acquired on the understanding that the weekly wine - being deemed our most obvious unnecessary expense - would be cut to one bottle a week.
I am taking this about as well as could be expected from your average English undergraduate.

Still! I am not lacking for distractions from my plight, as I was officially back to the ol' OU grind on Saturday and attended my first tutorial of the year yesterday.
Tutorials tend to have a way of accosting my cheery enthusiasm for course materials, dragging it into the Dark Alley of Group Exercises, and beating it into submission with the 2x4 of Taking Two Hours To Explain Fifteen Minutes Of Coursework, and this being so, I am inclined to approach them with trepidation.
Thankfully, this particular tutorial, while only genuinely useful for around a minute and a half, was fairly decent.
A very large portion of it was taken up with transposition exercises, and my answer sheet lives on as a testament to the mind-numbing nature of transposing up and down an octave as it goes from beautiful notation (well, as beautiful as blue biro gets - I didn't have a pencil on me) to hasty scrawling as I lost the will to space accurately, but I'm assured that it's all good practise...

Continued at 1:55pm on the 10th...

Hm. The upper half of this entry has been rather scuppered by the events of the 9th, wherein we had a bottle of wine at dinner, after which I set out to meet what turned out to be a well-informed and enthusiastic tutorial group.
It was also the largest group I've been in so far, by quite a considerable margin. The number of students registered for Religion in History, which is a bright shiny new course running for the very first time this year, apparently greatly exceeded the targets set, both in London and nationally.

Here's hoping that we, the multitude, shall live on as the pioneering first generation of AA307'ers! Or at least avoid becoming known as 'those unfortunate alumni that we don't like to talk about'...

Now I fear the time has come to actually work on the above courses while it's not too late at night to use the piano if necessary...
I shalt be back... eventually! Oh yes!


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