First Year With The OU: The Reckoning

Thursday, the 16th of December, 2004 - 16 past Midnight

Current Song ~ "Serial Killer" by VNV Nation.

By gum, could it be that I'm managing to update twice in as many days (discounting inconvenient arrival of midnight, thus nudging the date forward)?
Could it be that there is hope for my (vague, easily-distracted-from) quest to drag myself out of the quagmire of procrastination and back to the majestic forests of updating with obsessive-compulsive regularity?

Possibly we should for the time being postpone any 'Beskirted One Returns To Some Approximation Of Productivity' street parties and lovingly tuck the boxes of celebration goodies back under their cosy blankets of inch-thick dust, for today I actually come bearing some semblance of news:

In a (tremendously fancy, gold-leafed) nutshell, I have received word of this year's OU course results, and I have passed. Oh yes, one hundred and twenty points of future honours degree goodness are mine, all mine - mua hahahahaha!
Or to put it less maniacally: that'd be the first third of my degree done, then.

My marks are unlikely to set the academic world on fire (unless standards really are slipping downwards like the proverbial greased ferret on a helter-skelter), but taking into consideration my never having written an essay, sat a written exam, or developed an inclination to study coursework before the eleventh hour, I think I did about as well as I expected and deserved.

Next year I must pull my socks up, for I have a Level 3 course to contend with and those blighters have one heck of an effect on ones grade of honours. Still, I reckon that if in future I actually read all of what I'm supposed to be reading, that should stand me in good stead...
(Yes, such a policy could also have been beneficial this year. But what first year student thinks of such things?)

Speaking of next year's Level 3 course - Religion in History: Conflict, Conversion and Coexistance, for those trying to keep track - the first installment of the materials arrived earlier today.
As usual, they came cocooned in brown corrogated cardboard (a la Amazon) marked 'URGENT EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL', which never fails to amuse me.
I can't help but visualise the delivery as an action-adventure race-against-time affair: 'Stand aside, scum! There are people that need educating, and they need it NOW!!'

And with that fine reason not to employ me as either a delivery woman or a Hollywood script writer, I must away, for I think a little sleep is in order.

G'night, folks!


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