The Moment of Truth: 2005 Edition

Sunday, the 18th of December, 2005 - 27 to Noon.

Current Song ~ "Mitternacht" by E Nomine.

Well, it seems that all my careful avoidance of excessive confidence regarding my OU results was unnecessary - I got a 2:1 on both Understanding Music and Religion in History!

The OU has started provided a rough guide to how one did on each section of an exam - it just gives the grade, not the exact score, but it's still quite interesting.
I was also astonished to discover that I had somehow managed to pass all four sections of the music exam, when all I'd really hoped was that the first half of the paper would make up for the second half.
Meanwhile on the religion exam front, I scored 74%, with which I am well pleased.

So yes, all in all a spiffy end to my second year.
I duly switched from obsessively checking for my results to obsessively checking for the dispatch of my next bundle of materials.

Said bundle arrived this morning, and to my great delight came complete with a nifty OU-branded CD wallet that'll hold all twenty-four of my From Composition to Performance course CDs. This solves the annual problem of what the hell to do with a pile of case-less CDs.

Just as well, as my solutions thus far have generally involved randomly inserting the CDs into one of two stacks of music CDs in the happy assumption that I'll be able to find them again eventually.
This tends to make last second revision... interesting.

In other news, I am presently in the thick of attempting to fulfill my goal of getting through the Michel Thomas German Course before the year is out. I've had the thing for ages (as the dust on it can testify), but have only just clawed my up to the end of the second of eight CDs.

Still, since I managed to do that in two days (I'm fine once I'm working - it's the persuading myself to start that's time consuming), I remain optimistic about my chances of completing that particular goal.
I may not understand German by the New Year, but by gum, I will have listened to a lot of it!

I think that covers most things of note post-last entry. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that while I started on the 18th, I'm actually finishing on the 21st, which just so happens to be the shortest day of the year.
It's only appropriate, therefore, to end by saying:

Happy Winter Solstice!
(or, if you prefer, Dong zhi, Modranacht, Yule, Yalda, Saturnalia, and/or Karachun)


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