The NaNoWriMo British Contingent ~ Part II

Sunday, the 27th of October, 2002 - 1:24pm (on the 29th)

Current Song ~ "Heresy" by Nine Inch Nails

We left our intrepid novelists as they were just heading through the door of the Moon Under Water (which is, by the way, a Wetherspoons pub). It is from there that we continue on...

We didn't all fit around one table, so Honey-Blade and I opted for the two-person table anti-social option. It was at this point that I got to read (okay, look at the pictures, but "read" sounds so much better, does it not?) H-B's new doujinshi, which comes under the category of "ooh, pretty!".
If bookshops marked their graphic novels thus, it'd be so much easier to find the good ones...

I was absolutely starving (having only eaten mini flapjacks that day, and not many of those), but luckily that pub does some really, really good chips. I actually paid for two lots of 'em, and food has to be good for me to part with the money for a second helping.

I think it goes without saying that I also got white wine, doesn't it? Perhaps just a tad bit too much, but ah well.

Us doujinshi-browsing loner-types eventually joined the others, and got involved in talking about vampire meercats.
Could this be a group crazier than the Worship Group?
Well, no, but damn it comes close!

Oh, and the British Contingent are now obliged to fit jam into our novels somewhere. This should be ludicrously easy for me, what with my first chapter taking place at a breakfast table...

Aside from such vaguely on-topic stuff, I spent a fair bit of time leaning sideways trying to get a better look at pretty girls, of which there were a surprising number.
In my defense, I was not the only one doing this...

Oh, and there was also some discussion of cosplay, and how women dressing as male characters didn't have nearly such a good audience reaction as men dressing as female characters. Or something like that - I've forgotten the actual wording.
Which got me wondering: what about women dressing as male characters who cross dress?

I'd rather like to try that out some time, though the only suitable characters I can think of right now are Nuriko and Fisheye, both of whom have unworkable hair colours...

But I digress.

The last round having been quaffed, we wandered off to the arcade that houses the Japanese dance games. Whoo!
Alas, I'm unlikely to ever get to go on those things myself...
One of the most infuriating things about my alcohol-dependent confidence is that right about when I'm willing to dance in public, I'm no longer able to do so.

Eh, well, 'twas fun watching the others. :)

After that we all headed home, which was a bit of a fiasco, what with some guards on the underground being pissy bitches whose lives are dedicated to making things hard for innocent travellers. I'll spare you the details...

I got a little bit of writing done on the train home, but I haven't looked at it again since, so I've no idea if it's any good.

And thus endeth this two-part report. Now to catch up on the entries that hath suffered neglect due to the event-packed nature of Sunday!


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