The Arrival of 2005 (bang on time) and the Magi (a little ahead of schedule)

Sunday, the 2nd of January, 2005 - 19 past 10pm

Current Song ~ "No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)" by Eurythmics

So begins a bright shiny new year, simply crammed with hope, promise, and leftover festive confectionary items.
An entire week of snacking, and the supply of chocolate-y goodies is still holding out. This is of course in large part due to the fact that one can only spend so many days browsing upon the biscuits before one begins to entertain thoughts of wholesome nutritional savoury fare... or failing that, crispy bacon flavour wheat crunchies.

But let us move on from my inability to count my sugary blessings, and move on to the endless excitement of life at the Church - which most recently included the arrival of the Three Wise Men.
'But hang on a jiffy,' the more church-minded of you may be crying at this very second, 'Epiphany is not yet upon us, hence lack of renditions of We three kings of Orient are!'
Indeed, you would be right, but we were informed that as Epiphany does not fall upon a Sunday, the Magi can make their appearance in the Nativity Scene either the week before or the week after. As this would be a church that simply can't bear to wait until Christmas Day to bring out the Baby Jesus (always appears on Christmas Eve), it follows that we wouldn't be waiting another full week for our Magi fix, either.

Continuing with that theme, a member of the choir recently visited a church where, at the beginning of Advent, they put the Wise Men figures in the window enclave at one end of the church (there being deep-set windows the full length of the church), and each week move the figures forward one window, getting ever closer to the stable set up at the other end of the building.
A rather nifty idea, I thought. I might try and assess the suitability of our own windows for such a scheme...

In other equally enthralling news, I have managed to scrape together a list of Things I Aim To Do In 2005 - I am very carefully avoiding the word 'resolution' because we all know how brilliantly well resolutions tend to turn out - and am at present blisteringly optimistic that I will get through at least a fair few of them.
On the predictable side, I'm aiming to noticably improve my singing, conducting and piano-playing (which given that I will be doing all of those things on a regular basis should be do-able), get good grades on this year's OU courses, and get somewhere with my many and varied writing projects.

I'm also hoping to get that little bit further with the languages. Specifically, I'm planning to actually get through my 8-hour German CD course (after I've dusted it - it's looking a little grey from where I'm sitting), and also buy the alef-bet book that I've been pining for and learn to read a few more syllables of Hebrew. I won't necessarily know what they mean, for so far as I know said book doesn't teach vocabulary, but by gum, I shall be able to transliterate them!

So yes, at the very least, it looks as though I shall not want for things to do this year.
And, as I also don't lack for things to do tomorrow morning (I've been waiting to send a parcel for days, and hope to catch the post office before heading off to London at eleven o'clock), I should probably be leaving this here and attempting to get some sleep...

G'night, folks!


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