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Monday, the 4th of April, 2005 - 17 past 3pm

Current Song ~ "Fireflies & Razorblades" by Nicki Jaine.

Huzzah, two entries in as many days!
Assuming that I don't get distracted in a few minutes and don't make it back to the ol' Entry Stickie until everything that I've managed to write is so hopelessly out of date that it can't be saved with even the most cunning reworking.
For now, let us hope for the best...

By the way, the splendidly titled Current Song can be downloaded from Nicki Jaine's official website along with a fine assortment of other demo recordings.
I recommend that you bag yourself a copy of Antarctica while you're there.

In other musical news (and goodness knows there's always a lot of that), earlier today I at long last got my mitts on a book of graded studies for descant recorder.
My recorder playing has always been somewhat limited by a near total lack of suitable sheet music. Music for recorder tends to leap from very easy pieces (aimed at small children on their first voyage into the exciting world of instrument-playing) to stupendously difficult ones (aimed at people with a great affection for deeply obscure time signatures and irregular rhythmic groups, one can only assume), with precious little in between - or at least, precious little that you'll actually find on the shelf.
However, the studies in my new book claim to provide a steady technical progression from preparatory level to grade five, which sounds just the ticket. Here's hoping that it -and my playing ability - live up to expectations!

We now sail bravely onward to the 6th of April, defensively claiming as we go the fact that two days isn't that long a lapse considering the enormity of lapses in the past...

Since starting this entry, I have made Major Advances with my religion coursework - while, as is customary, letting most other things slide, but heigh-ho.
I'm currently within a few pages of completing my work on the Reformation, barring the writing of a scintillatingly brilliant (or at least faintly coherent) essay about it.
So far, this unit has mentioned in passing the poet who wrote the words to my favourite anthem (George Herbert) and the Marquis de Sade, gone into somewhat greater detail on the history of the church pew and the religious influence of songs, discussed Arminianism (which came up years ago in a Charles I biography and has been very interesting to hear more about), and managed to sell Erasmus to me as a Right-On Kind Of Bloke.
I need hardly add that I'm really rather enjoying this course.

Now since bed is calling (in quite a strident fashion, I might add), I must away to upload this entry before it becomes any more belated.

Bon nuit!


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