Too Ill To Title (or such is my excuse...)

Saturday, the 21th of May, 2005 - 35 past Midnight

Current Sound ~ Typing.

Alas, the (vaguely) planned entry that should be here rather bit the dust, thanks to my being ill on two separate and possibly even unrelated occasions this week.

On Monday, I woke to find myself in the grip of whatever dread cold-like thing my family had trailed home with the previous week, and like the feeble individual I am chose to take this not only lying down but as much as possible unconscious.
I varied the routine slightly by listening to Doctor Who: State of Decay on audio cassette (Tom Baker has a rather soothing voice, I find), watching the beginning of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and attempting to cope with my body temperature being interestingly variable (cardigan on... cardigan off... cardigan on... et cetera and so forth).

Then dinner arrived, and with it the interesting issue that this was one of those colds that comes complete with raging toothache, thereby obliging me to attempt to eat using only four teeth and a lot of determination.
This might have worked quite well had dinner been soup. It was pizza. Hn.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent skipping about full of all the joys of Spring, and also trying out my newly arrived terrifyingly expensive copy of the Lionheart songbook.
I am trying not to think about the cost of the thing, but Lionheart is my all-time favourite Kate Bush album, and to see the music written down is immensely thrilling.
It was also interesting to note that the album almost exactly matches my current vocal range; which would perhaps explain why I get on with it so well.

Then as if by magic, Thursday arrived, and with it the necessity of subsiding on dry toast and non-aspartame-containing soft drinks (Rubicon, to be exact - ah, glorious passionfruit goodness with no evil ingredients...).

Plans to meet an online friend during a fleeting visit to London were shelved in favour of sitting at home quietly watching The 20th Century Roadshow and mocking a desperately simplistic program about the evolution of man.
I like to think that, even without the internet and music, I can usually find something to keep me occupied.
As I was explaining to my sister today while standing on the landing drying my hands because the view had more novelty value than that of the bathroom, I am easily bored but at the same time quite easy to amuse.

Ah, I note that 1:20am has snuck up on me, and in the interests of recovery it would seem a good idea to get some sleep right about now.
Eventually, I shall get around to writing about my birthday and other such exciting things - until then, au revoir!


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