The Eve of (Virtually) Indisputable Adulthood

Friday, the 6th of May, 2005 - 21 past 8pm

Current Instrumental Work ~ "Clarinet Quintet in B Minor: II" by Brahms.

I rejoin the merry throng of the actually-updating on my very last day of being twenty.
So far as I am aware, tomorrow does not bring with it any shiny new legal rights in this country. It does, however, bring brioche buns for breakfast, and with that I am well pleased.

The moment has been prepared for in the time-honoured way: designing a small poster reading 'I Am 20', on the grounds that I will never again be able to say that honestly. This year I took advantage of the fact that it's quite easy to get dragons to curl around in the shape of a '2'; and really, what says 'pre-birthday commemoration' better than a fantasy reptile?
I'm not sure that I got the tail quite right, but I'm really rather pleased with the way the head came out.
For the '0', I went with the ol' hoop-on-fire effect. A little lacking in fine detail, but it at least fits with the fire-breathing creature.

In other news, yesterday I did my bit for democracy and voted in the General Election, and then after a valiant struggle against temptation once again gave in and stayed up til three o'clock in the morning watching the results come in and rejoicing in every swing toward the Liberal Democrats.

The LibDems suffer greatly from the ol' I-like-their-policies-but-won't-vote-for-them-because-they-won't-win nonsense that tends to plague third parties, so I will be very interested to see whether the increased share of the vote in a lot of areas, even if it didn't win all that many seats this time around, will make a difference in the future.

Alas, further political commentary must wait, for I must be getting to bed.
I aim to be back in the not-too-distant future - until then, toodle-pip!


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