Combating the Dark Forces of Poor Storage

Monday, the 26th of June, 2006 - 7 past 9pm

Current Song ~ "Passagem de Som" by Tom Zé.

This afternoon, a chink emerged in the usually impregnable fortress of my OU essay schedule, and I took the opportunity to do something about the Corner of Precariously Piled Doom.

That most dreaded of tidying challenges was, to the untrained eye, a very large pile of videos, books and randomly assorted paper (with and without things written on it) a few inches to the left of my computer desk.
This would actually be a pretty fair description, except for one complicating detail: it was a very large pile on top of which was all of my important work stuff. Assignment booklets, essay notes (such as they are), pad of manuscript paper, increasingly impressive collection of 2B pencils; basically nigh on everything necessary to my continued productivity.

Consequently, I have been living in abject terror of the possibility that if I altered the pile, something vital would go missing, and my degree would go to hell, and I would end up being found in a gutter a decade down the line just in time to mumble the words '...if only I had had a better storage system in my undergraduate years!' before pegging it.

...Or indeed, that, I would be mildly inconvenienced. Arguably not as film-adaptation-worthy, but that's reality for you.

However, in spite of these misgivings, I reckoned that I really had to take advantage of the fact that I have a clear week in which to sort out the... little eccentricities... of my lute transcription, and toddled resolutely off to locate the spare archive boxes.

Two hours, two jam-packed archive boxes and (approximately) two tonnes of dust later, some semblance of order was achieved.
The House Doctor would still have many unflattering things to say about the storage situation, but at least now she'd be able to say them without having to be revived with smelling salts first. Progress!

This comes at the end of a fortnight that included such exciting things as:

* Coming down with some non-descript stomach thing that resulted in spending less time essay-planning and more time listening to The Power of the Daleks.

* Attempting to work from my virus-addled mind's idea of an essay plan, which for some curious reason included putting part of my analysis before the background information.

* Running out of Mark Salzman books. Curses! Here's hoping that his current writing project is going at a reasonable pace...

* Learning Domine Deus from Vivaldi's Gloria. Not a piece to which the phrase 'margin for error' applies, but I believe it's coming along quite well...

On top of which I've just acquired a book containing a whole raft of exercises that are supposed to help with jaw problems, which I'm giving a shot in the hope that they'll help with my singing.
The whole 'maintaining good posture' thing is proving a tad tricky - the illustrations of bad posture that you find in health guides have nothing on how I normally sit at the computer - but I shall perservere...

Now I must away to bed, for midnight is upon us and I have things to do before setting off to my singing lesson tomorrow; sleep being quite high up the list of those things.

Bon nuit!


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