How those months do fly by...

Sunday, the 25th of March, 2007 - 1 to 1pm.

Current Song ~ "Downtown Train" by Tom Waits.

Ah, the day that the clocks go forward.
There is no horror quite like that of sitting down for a serious night of catching up with an imminent story deadline, and seeing a precious hour of writing time vanish before my very eyes.
At which point I decided that it was definitely bedtime. Neither spirit nor flesh was really on board with the idea of carrying on.

...So, yes. I'm back - hello, surviving remnants of my readership! - and as you might have gathered, some things never change.

To catch up as swiftly as possible:

* I didn't plough NaNo '06 to the spectacular extent that I ploughed NaNo '05 (3,281 words vs., err, 7) - and this time, I managed to get a good bit of valuable outlining done, while being in charge of organising the meets for my region.
All in all, it could have been worse. Still hoping to win again one of these years, though.

By the way, some of you might be interested in Script Frenzy, which is like NaNoWriMo but for screenplays and stage plays.
The site's not fully up yet, but so far it's looking like a promising challenge. And I know that I could certainly use the dialogue-writing practice!

* While the writing crashed and burned, the social side of NaNo went considerably better - I'm still in contact with a goodly number of the London Contingent '06; and, rather excitingly, have been going out with one of them since late January/early February.
So far, my relationship with Dan has mainly involved attempting to visit every pub within walking distance of Waterloo (with the occasional detour to such exotic places as Camden, Greenwich and a tiny village called Sonning). We hit pub number twenty-one (!) during the writing of this entry, and it's becoming tempting to start some kind of online guide...

* On the OU front, it's now... very slightly over a month before my graduation. This is at present scary to think about and very dull to read about, so I shall come back to it after the ceremony happens.

* Since the last entry, every window in my house has been replaced - a process that took months and, if nothing else, taught us to truly appreciate life without dust sheets and large holes in the walls during Winter (my word, it was cold).
The day the kitchen window was replaced was probably the most trying, as it limited my access to vital tea-making supplies. There were times when my blood/caffeine balance came dangerously close to tilting in favour of blood.

* Beyond that, the overwhelming excitement of my life can perhaps be best illustrated by this exchange:

Sister: Life sucks.
Me: Nonsense - life is full of great things!
Sister: You're referring to your mp3 collection, aren't you?
Me: ...Yes.

In my defense, it is a very nifty mp3 collection.

Right! Now I've bored you with all of that, I must away to work on the short story that was vaguely mentioned in the first paragraph. I aimed to complete the outline before getting embroiled in all the excitement of Easter, and at this point things are getting a bit tight.
(Note that by 'outline', I mean 'blow-by-blow write-up of everything that is going to happen, with wordcount estimates for each section'. This tends to take longer than the actual prose.)

Until next time (which will hopefully not be too far in the future), au revoir!


P.S. Oh, and in case I don't get back here in time: Happy Easter!

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